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What Causes Drain / Sewer Issues?

Nothing is more frustrating than a sink that won’t drain or a toilet that won’t flush. Drains and sewer lines clog for many different reasons including grease or foreign objects being put into the system, tree roots, old / corroding pipes, and many more. If you notice a slow draining drain or a bathroom backup, call us today. Our highly trained professionals can clear, repair, or replacement any drain or sewer line

Drain Cleaning

Drains often get clogged from foreign objects, grease, grime, hair, or other debris. Drains that clog once can quickly and effectively be fixed with our drain unclogging service, but if your drain has been draining slowly on a regular basis or you have unclogged it multiple times then further investigation is needed. With a drain cleaning service, our team uses quality tools to remove debris and buildup from your drain’s pipes that are causing it to drain slowly or backup frequently. Sometimes the condition or age of the pipes can be causing the issues. Pipes with tree root intrusion, offset joints, and wore out older pipes can lead to back-ups and slow draining. If our team notices any of these issues, they can quickly diagnose and inform you on further options to correct the issue.

Drain Camera Inspection

Utilizing the latest technology, drain cameras allow our team of experts see and determine exactly what is causing leaks, blockages, or other issues inside your drains. Before drain camera technology, drain problems called for destructive exploration by cutting drywall, tearing up floors, or digging up your yard. Thankfully, our drain professionals have drain cameras to quickly and effectively diagnose your drain problem without having to take walls apart.

What kind of problems can we see with a drain camera? Drain cameras can clearly let our experts see:

• Broken, cracked, or collapsed pipe
• Offset pipes
• Blockages
• Corrosion
• Off-grade pipes
• Root intrusion
• Leaking joints
• Bellied pipes

Sewer Line Repair / Replacement

The sewer line removes wastewater and is a crucial part of your home’s plumbing system. A blocked or broken sewer line is an unpleasant and unwarranted situation. The professionals at Big Cat Plumbing can repair or replace your sewer lines and restore the comfort in your home.

Sometimes sewer lines are too corroded or damaged beyond repair and need replaced.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Sometimes times sewer lines are able to be fixed without excavation or replacement. Thanks to new technology, sewer lines can now be lined with a liner from inside the pipe.

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