Can every pipe be lined?

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Pipe lining can be used in systems such as drains, sewer, and storm water and roof drains, pipe lining works on all major types of drainage piping materials, both inside and outside the building or home. NuDrain can be installed in pipelines with diameters less than 2 inches to over 12 inches in diameter. Some

Do I need a video camera inspection?

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Even if you have no reason to suspect a problem in your pipes, any property owner can benefit from a video inspection. That’s because sewer video cameras allow us to catch small issues before they have a chance to develop into larger ones. Even a small clog can put the health of your entire sewer

How long will my trenchless repair last?

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Nu Flow’s CIPP lining is designed to be faster, easier, and a long -term solution without compromise. When we install a new liner, it replaces the entire pipe, rather than just patching over one specific problem area. The new pipe is seamless and is resistant to common problems like weather, corrosion or tree root intrusion.

How much does trenchless repair cost?

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Every circumstance can differ, a trenchless sewer repair typically costs a fraction of what a traditional pipe excavation would. The main reason for this is, that there is less equipment and manpower to complete a trenchless project, but also because the technology allows us to eliminate the digging. The property damage expenses that make dig-and-replace

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