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Water Treatment

Big Cat Plumbing exclusively uses Novo water treatment products. Novo has been serving the needs of the water conditioning industry for 50 years. Novo believes that every customer deserves exceptional value for their hard-earned dollar. With Novo products, we can offer superior quality, higher efficiency, continuous innovation, and industry expertise.

Through Novo we can offer high efficiency water softeners in several price ranges, twin tank water softeners for larger homes and businesses, systems for industrial use, and several specialty systems.

Big Cat Plumbing can also offer whole house and under sink water filtration systems that will remove hardness, taste, and odor from your drinking water and provide you with the best tasting, safest water. We install several different Reverse Osmosis systems tailored to your specific water conditions and needs.

You can trust the experts at Big Cat Plumbing to take care of all your water treatment needs. Let us show you all the options and we will explain the benefits of each so you can make the best decision for your home or business.

We are more than a plumbing company, we are your neighbors and part of our community. Big Cat Plumbing can help with any plumbing, HVAC, drain, sewer, or water treatment issues you may have in your home or business. We are near you and serve Canon City, Penrose, Florence, Pueblo West, Wetmore, Westcliffe, and Pueblo.

Big Cat Plumbing offers the right water treatment equipment to help treat fluctuating water issues year-round. From sediment or iron in your well water supply, to added chlorine and chloramines in municipal water supplies, to providing you with better feeling, better tasting, safer to drink water, Big Cat Plumbing has a water treatment system solution that is sure to work for you. With systems like reverse osmosis, filters, softeners, iron removers, hardness taste and odor removers, Big Cat Plumbing can help to keep your water clean, pure and consistent. Call today to schedule you FREE in-home water analysis test and find out what kind of system works best for you!

Canon City • Penrose • Florence • Pueblo West • Wetmore • Westcliffe • Pueblo

We are more than a plumbing company, we are your neighbors and part of our community.

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